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FixLog: final

-Sorry, had to fix the Dirt positioning on the new bumper and grille and whatnot. also fixed the side stripes on the Lods.

-I decided to make a few pieces so a GT350R could be put together. Side Scoops, Custom Grille, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper Delete, a Hood Scoop and the rear window delete panels. I'm really happy with it.

-Embeded the textures on the AME Torque thrust wheels and added a whitewall enhancement.

-Finished The LoD Texturing and Dirt mapping. Oh, and Shaded all the lods the same. Assigned all lights up to 3 Lods.

-Figured out how to get both of the rear window sets to crash finally, Dirt mapped and Textured.
In Simple trainer they can be cycled in the components section.

-Added the plates to the components section. (Extras)

-Retextured a lot of the body Screws.

-And much more. Enjoy!

P.S. I didn't forget you, Thanks!!


P.S. I didn't forget you, Thanks!!
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