Ford GT40 MkIV [Add-On | RHD | LODs] 1.0


This is another mod from the archives of Project Cars and is the sole property of its creators. This file is for education and informational purposes. I thought some people on here might like to have this car in their collection of classics.

-Editing, Some textures, Geometry creation and conversion done by Locotomb.
-Original Car File from "Project Cars".

There's always more to learn, nevertheless this model contains,

-Custom Collisions
-Properly textured windows, with Correct damage effects and Tinting...w/dirt mapping
-Handling, Tuning and meta editing done by Locotomb
-Right Hand Drive Edit
-Custom Bump mapping/textures.
-Vert Painted exterior and windows.
-User Livery template customization.
-Original Project Cars Archive used for conversion/customization
-Extensive Geometry manipulation
-Working Dials
-Hands On Wheel
-Addon dlc.
-Seating and exhaust set up.
-Lights set up.
-High Beams and Blinkers.
-hashed Shop name
-Animated engine
-HQ Mirrors and interior
-Wheels Paintable, (Paint:4) and Knockoffs share color with the roll cage. (Paint:2)
-Extra/component = License plate, Back
-All doors open per-RL

Like usual I probably forgot some stuff.

Where to install///

A. OpenIV > GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks
1. Copy mkiv folder to dlcpacks

B. OpenIV > GTA V > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data >
1. Edit dlclist.xml in OpenIV or extract to a text editor of your choice.
2. Copy and paste the next line to the end of the list. (Be careful not to mess it up)


C. open with trainer.....mkiv
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