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  • Gtao40

    Do you guys fix bugs reported in the comment section? I reported 4 over the last few months but none have been fixed or acknowledged. If not here, then where do you report the bugs?

    Jumat, 31 Desember 2021
  • Gtao40

    @JustDancePC Or just allow the player to customize their own experience with a INI file.

    Rabu, 08 Desember 2021
  • Gtao40

    I found another bu... I'm just fugging with you. There is something you might can help me with though.

    Kamis, 25 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    Bug: Inconsistency with bodyguard health. Michael, Trevor, Franklin health value is different than other npcs.
    Quick test #1:
    1. Summon Mike/Trevor/Frank then summon any other npc (make sure invincibility if off)
    2. Start a gang fight or raise wanted level to 5.
    3. Watch as the NPCs who are not Mike/Trev/Frank die much sooner.
    Quick test #2:
    1. Spawn 3 generic NPCs,
    2. Start a gang fight or raise wanted level to 5.
    3. Time how long it takes to kill the GenNPCs.
    4. Repeat steps but only use Mike, Trev, and Frank.
    5. You should notice the 3 main characters easily out last the other NPCs (including MP).

    Note: Maxing the bodyguard health to 30K makes little difference to the survivability inconsistency. I didn't install a mod to display the NPC health however there is an observable difference in their length of survival.

    Minggu, 21 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    @JustDancePC "(If the changes are approved, of course.)" I figured as much. I was like "there no way he did a 180 in less than a month".

    Here's what you have left:
    1) animals - it tried making animal survival but they loaded up with weapons and fled.
    2) Families 3) beach NPCs 4) Business NPCs 5) EastSA 6) Generic NPCs 7) hippies (not hipsters) 8) hookers 9) Indian (dot not feather) 9) jewel NPCs 10) koreans 11) movie NPCs 12) pilots 13) prison NPCs 14) security 15) shopkeepers 16) skaters 17) SouthCentral NPCs 18) strippers 19) athletes (golfers and tennis) 20) tourists 21) tramp (homeless)

    I just added a new cult event and I think I'll use "tourists" to populate this other area I'm building. I could split up Winery to put the BevHills and Vinewood NPCs back in the pool. I actually have an idea for both.

    You may want to set the "reloead trigger peds" to a null value seeing as the only people who'll possibly use it are you, me, and some random person who wants to build their own custom event. I just reassigned to to my custom "reload scripts" key so it's not taking up an extra key spot.

    Two more events added:

    Sabtu, 20 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    @JustDancePC "The source is in the description, if you wanna modify it i don't really have a problem with that" Were you suggesting that I fork your project and republish it with changes or did you mean end-user modifications?

    I found another bug in Xmas event. Vehicle spawnpoint: -737, 5749, 11 should have "19" as the Z or else it spawns under the bridge. I changed it to -756, 5702, 21 to move it away from the bridge due to large vehicles possibly being stuck during spawn.

    I was able to duplicate the problem with the doppleganger. It requires beating an event then doing a reload and returning to the event. My guess is you didn't reset/disable the countdown timer in the event the player loads a save while it's active. What's odd is that I couldn't get a second doppleganger to appear when I ran this again.

    A newer version of the file should be available with the link. Not sure why it was marked at locked unless it was somehow linked to an in-process version but whateves.

    Jumat, 19 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    Found a bug in your Enemies file. You prevent aircraft spawning until wave 5 but according the SurvivalModel.cpp Wave3to5Aircrafts should switch on during Case 3 (currentwave==3), thus you made this variable is irrelevant.
    case 3:
    CurrentAircraftModels = Wave3To5Aircraft;
    CurrentVehicleModels = Wave3To5Vehicles;
    if (Survival::CurrentWave >= 5 && currentAircraft < Survival::MaxAircraft)

    I added 3 new survivals. The cops survival I still need to work on or remove because it still triggers wanted levels too often due to the NPCs and location. The Storm The Cap only triggers a wanted if the "fbi field agent" is shot. Easy fix. I thought about making a couple for Interior locations but that would require changing the main mod to teleport the player after the trigger, after survival cancellation, or after the survival ends.

    Rabu, 17 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    @JustDancePC Sorry. I found the flaw and fixed it on my end. The new spawnpoints are working out nicely. I noticed however that you are replenishing the weapons/armor at the end of the wave countdown instead of at the start of the countdown (prep). By the time the timer hits zero the player should already have collected what he/she could and be bunkered down. That's how the online behavior works. Was this oversight or design?

    Once I add in a custom event I'll let you know how it's working out.

    Minggu, 14 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    @JustDancePC I restored my original files and disabled all my mods. I'm still seeing the same behavior. I would have to restore my older mod versions from the trash to see which version this broke on.

    Anyway, what I meant by dynamic is if we could add our own events by modifying the SurvivalData JSON. I was able to add a new event tirgger by duplicating the Halloween event then changing the trigger ped and a couple of spawn locations. Ultimately I would like to be to be able to edit the Ballas event by moving all the default spawns and adding 8 new spawn locations and being able to create new standalone events. So I guess my question should've been "are your events hard-coded or is the code flexible to where someone with enough experience (and sees the obvious pattern) can modify existing events and/or add new ones." By the time you answer this I might already have gotten around to figuring it out.

    Jumat, 12 November 2021
  • Gtao40

    That site wanted authorization for my Discord acct. A bit much just to access a DB of known values. Anyway I found wiki for those values. I saved them as Single files (mhtml). You could include them with your mod I suppose.

    You seem to have broken the Maze Bank event.
    1) When you start the game for the first time,
    a) At Wave 3, the enemies will die but eventually they will no longer despawn. There will be a bunch of red dots all over the map but there will be no new spawns and event will cease to continue.
    b) There is no boundary. I drove all the way to north side of game and I was never received a warning for being outside of the ring.

    2) Reloading a new map
    a) As soon as you enter the game, the "out of ring" countdown finally starts (and ends the broken previous session).
    b) You can start a new event at the bank but the icon for quest giver never disappears after shooting him.
    c) Once you hit the border there is no yellow ring showing you how far outside the ring you are (as with other events).

    Btw is your mod dynamic in that we can add our own events and spawn locations?

    Jumat, 12 November 2021