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Mod Description
Collection Missions is a set of missions made by Mission Maker to make completing GTA5 collection tasks easier.

- A Starlet In Vinewood (murder letter) collection
- Death At Sea submarine collection
- The Epsilon missions collection (including the desert run)
- Extra Commission (sale sign) collection
- Far Out (space docker) collection
- Hidden Packages (underwater cases) collection
- Monkey Mosaic (tagging) collection
- Murder Mystery collection
- Peyote Plants collection
- All 60 random events
- Soapboxer characters
- Sonar Collections Dock collection
- All 50 stunt locations
- Wildlife Photography Challenge
Some components are slightly integrated into the story.

Version 1.00.01
- Added Special Bonds missions.
- Added motorcycles to Epsilon car heist missions.
- Added timer and teleport to desert run to end before AutoSave triggers.
- Death At Sea changed so player arrives by sea instead of land.
- Added Knife Flight locations.
- Added Under The Bridge locations.
- Fixed minor issue with Stunt Jumps 01-25 and corrected title.
- Added Golden Peyote (end game) plant locations. (Sasquatch and Beast missions)

Mission Maker

Installation Instructions
Drop the "Collection Missions" folder to your virtual folder or the "scripts" folder to your game folder.

Version 1.00.00 - None
Version 1.00.01 - None

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