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Simple Seatbelt


This mod enables a seatbelt system to gtav. When you get into a car you will get a warning notification top left on your screen. it will say: "Seatbelt not fastened!".
You can press your assigned key (Check the SimpleSeatbelt.ini file) to put on your seatbelt, now you will no longer fly out of your windscreen and getting dragged out by enemies.
After putting on your seatbelt you cant get out of you car without taking of the seatbelt.

install: Simply drag and drop the dll and ini file into your scripts folder.
Make sure Scripthookv, Scripthookvdotnet is installed otherwise the mod will not work.

Also install Naudio.dll
V1.0 Just released the mod nothing special to mention
V1.1 You cant put the seatbelt on while on a bike
V1.2 I added new custom sound effects (Thanks to leihebi:

You are free to add video's to my mod on gtav mods site:

Bugs: None

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