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Cage Fighting Club by OneMinuteYT

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This mod adds a new lore friendly fighting club to the game.
You can start fighting earn money. You can edit the payouts by editing the FightClubSettings.ini file.
After each fight you can either quit fighting or continue to earn more money.
Now in V1.1 You can also bet on fighters. Minimal bet = $500 & Max = $2000.



Install & Usage:

Place Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet into your gtav directory.
Place NativeUI and my mod into the scripts folder.
I recommend to edit the ScriptHookVDotNet.ini and add a ReloadKey, you're going to need this
since you need to reload the scripts atleast once after booting the game. You're also going to need
it if you'r character dies.

Reload your scripts atleast once after launching the game.
Reload your scripts after you die otherwise the fighting club mod gets aborted.


Released the mod

V1.1 (Big update!):
Added a new betting system to the mod!
Added a new Betting Menu to the mod.
Added a new ini file for you to change the Fighter Payouts and Doctor Price.
Fixed fences not existing unless reloading scripts while near the location.
Fixed a few random crashes.
Fixed being able to heal yourself by the doctor even when you're low on funds.
Fixed peds randomly fleeing.
Fixed fighter running while countdown is still active.
Lowered the HP from the fighters.
Disabled the bonus payout after fighting all the fighters.

Credits: OneMinuteYT
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