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InversePower gives a small boost when you're drifting at low speed to keep on drifting.

InversePower counteracts vehicles in GTA V seeming to lose power when the vehicle is sliding. This makes driving (mainly) rear-wheel drive cars a bit more fun and predictable. Drifts and slides are easier to maintain and adjust. The lower the speed and the higher your angle, the more power is added.

This mod is inspired by Drift Assist by InfamousSabre and works similarly. The difference is that speed is used as a negative feedback to make cars not accelerate too much while drifting.


  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • ScriptHookV


Any handling that aims for a realistic experience should work well with this.
For example, Killatomato's Realistic Driving V.

A few general recommendations on handling:

  • fLowSpeedTractionLossMult should be (near, preferably at) 0.0
  • fTractionCurve(Min/Max) should be around 1.0

Extract InversePower.asi and InversePower.ini to your GTA V game folder.


The InversePower.ini file contains descriptions for each option.

To apply the settings, use the cheat specified in InversePower.ini.
By default, this is "rip" (without the quotes).
(Stands for "Reload InversePower")


* Rewrite entire script, removing the "power" part
* Make configuration parameters easier to understand
* Add option to enable for NPCs
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