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Handling Replacement is a library/tool for script developers, to manage vehicle handling changes in a non-intrusive way. It clones the handling of a vehicle, and assigns the copy to the vehicle, so only that vehicle is affected by changes to its handling data.

This is useful for scripts that want to continuously vary certain handling parameters, without affecting other instances of that vehicle model.

An example is my variable drive bias, which changes fDriveBiasFront constantly.

Grand Theft Auto V (b1868+) required. Will crash with b2845 and newer, I recommend sticking to 2372 until an update...
Extract HandlingReplacement.asi to GTA V's main folder.

Check HandlingReplacement.h on the repository for the three functions. The asi loader should already have loaded and initialized things, so one can just start using it right away.

An usage example can also be found there.

GitHub repository

If you have any questions, hop on my Discord server.

  • Changes made to the original CHandlingData instance activation on a vehicle, will not be applied to that vehicle any more
  • Changes made to the CHandlingData from the vehicle instance itself, will apply normally. These changes do not propagate to the original CHandlingData instance.
  • As with the default method of directly changing handling data, other scripts can interfere when multiple scripts are setting the same fields.
  • No CHandlingData is provided, use your own one.

The following list shows scripts currently using this library and what fields they access. Please let me know when you want to use the library, I'll update the list so you know what fields might be affected.

  • Manual Transmission - (5.0.0)
    • fDriveBias - constantly written to when variable AWD is enabled

  • Real Time Handling Editor - (2.0.1)
    • Everything - depending on setting, original or replaced handling may be edited at any time

  • (Your script) - (Starting version using it)
    • (CHandlingData field) - set constantly, periodically, occasionally

FiveM - On some bits on how to properly replace/clone subhandlingdata, and the rage alloc/free.
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