DashHook (Library) v1.0.1

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DashHook is a C++ library and helps other scripts with interacting with the vehicle dashboard.

Put DashHook.dll in the main GTA V folder.

Developer usage
Check GitHub and the header file for details.

Do not bundle DashHook.dll with your script, always refer them to this page or GitHub releases for updates.

The following list shows scripts currently using this library and what fields they access. Please let me know when you want to use the library, I'll update the list so you know what fields might be affected.

  • Dial Accuracy Fix - (1.0.0)
    • speed
    • rpm

  • Turbo Fix - (1.1.0)
    • boost
    • vacuum

  • Manual Transmission - (5.0.0)
    • ABSLight when ABS is active
    • engineLight, ABSLight, petrolLight, oilLight, batteryLight when stalled
    • oilPressure when AWD dial remap is active for y97y's Skyline R32

  • (Your script) - (Starting version using it)
    • (VehicleDashboardData field) - set constantly, periodically, occasionally

The "guts" is all alloc8or's, but I built a library around it to manage access for multiple scripts. The struct is from the game itself.


* Fix an issue that sometimes causes values to be default or zero

* Initial release
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