Cadillac DTS Limo [WIP] [REPLACE] 1.3



This car is based off of the Cadillac DTS sedan by @J9090, all credits to the original model to him. Mid Section is from R* Games. Custom engine is from the Chevy Suburban by, @BritishGamer88.

Working interior
HQ Engine
White wall tires

Weird thing where the front suspension sags
Some of the textures for the outside body panels are transparent from the interior view. (fixed)

Change log:
1.0: Release
1.1: Added some outside chrome trim to the car, made the middle body panels a align up better with the rest of the car, fixed exterior textures so they aren't transparent from the interior view.
1.2 Added more chrome trim, made alignment of middle body panels better
1.3 Optimized and improved texture quality so that ytds aren't 15mb (car looks better now in game), added whitewall tires.

Future Updates:
Fix the bugs that are listed above
I might make a presidential version.
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