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  • 73a7bf theaetik

    I digged in and searched the forums for Auto Sprint / Sprint Toggle / Always Sprint.. Unfortunately there's no easy way in script.

    I recommend you get software to simulate a key press. As annoying as it is. There are no natives that will make it a toggle or always on, I think they're just "getters" for knowing if the player actually is sprinting. On controller it's worse because you have to TAP A constantly.

    Also not forgetting your feedback on the subtle zone notifications. I'll improve it in the next update.
    Thanks for the feedback!

    2 hari yang lalu
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    Amazing feedback, @a_tavenner - quite refreshing to see.

    For Blink and Targeting enemies - I can safely say that if I were into a less scripting / limited environment I would be able to find data-driven fixes to give the QOL improvements this mod needs.

    Auto Attack - I'll think about it. To be honest I almost scrapped that ability (Commando) because of how it didn't work as intended most of the time. I find the Avatar will often kick the enemy instead of using the melee weapon in hand. I like that you can teleport without attacking, personally.

    Prone - I don't use it that often either. I will probably find a replacement for it.

    Sprinting - 100% agreed. I noticed that too. I recently played the mod again and it is the first thing I realized. I'll have a "Hack" for it. And I mean that, it will force the player to be in sprinting every single frame. Only possible way to "fix" this in script.

    Avatar Health VS Enemies Count - I'll think about adding an option to increase the AI count but it would be off by default. Would be especially bad in open environments. As for the player's health, it is already scaling in accordance to level and has been tweaked to feel challenging. I'm afraid increasing it will make the game easier with more small encounters.

    Dumb AI - I haven't seen many cases of them not attacking, the dodge roll is all in my script. Everything else is the systemic R* AI.

    SUPERJUMP - That was in the mod before I shipped before I added Blink Teleport, I removed it because it made you a flying punching bag and it was mostly useless. Blink was a much better option.

    FLASH - The locomotion system can handle so much. I think other modders found work-arounds. When I tried myself back then, my character would run like they are skating on ice and you'd lose all control of your character. It didn't feel fun at all.

    BACKFIRE - 3 Seconds is a very long time. Tactikal does the same thing except it will disarm opponents thus not killing them. The ability also lasts 1 second.

    HIJACKER - After you take control of the Helicopter, what do you do with it? There's no mounted guns.

    SURPRISE - So a mix of SWAPCORE and COMMANDO? I feel like it would make SWAPCORE less effective. Suggestion?

    HAWK - If you do it while your health is low, there's a good change the AIs on the ground will shoot you on your way down.

    FRIENDMAKER - But they can still die? I'll think about it. Would need a very long cooldown, Keep in mind Union spawns an invincible ally every 3X streak and only 3 or 4 times.


    I'll see what I can do for sprinting. I'm trying right now and the Native doesn't seem to force sprinting. The work around might have to be nastier.

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    2 hari yang lalu
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    - Fixed bug that would override Wingman Blip color to White (now Blue)
    - All Upgrades now reset as expected when trading Avatars

    10 hari yang lalu
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @egamerxp 5.0 Wishlist: First donation(s) in 8+ months ;)

    @skeeze415 I see you have millions of videos on your channel so I can relate in that sense, you're passionate about what you're doing, yet your numbers don't seem to increase much. I hate that feeling too.

    Link me to your video and I'll add it in the description.

    Senin, 11 Maret 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @skeeze415 Because they made the best videos I have seen for my mod?

    Other videos I found were repetitively asking TO SMASH THAT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and if they should make more Fortnite videos, plus how this is EXACTLY like Fortnite. Also no mentions of me or link to my mod in their description, that's a bit of a big no no for me.

    Anwyays, if you think a video should be there let me know.

    Jumat, 01 Maret 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    Ok... I've re-uploaded previous versions for people with cracked versions of GTAV...

    Jumat, 01 Maret 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @NGame Not sure what to say but you're failing to load the "Freecrawler". There shouldn't be any problems with the official Steam Version and the trainer I recommend.

    @Iceetz Unfortunately that would be insanely time consuming so no. However, I did make a thread detailing how you can make your own but it's very technical. If for some reasons anyone is suddenly interested, I'll add some in a future update sometimes.

    Jumat, 15 Februari 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik


    From the description...

    - It says # Assets Loaded and stops there (Cracked version? You need ALL the MP content updates.)

    Kamis, 14 Februari 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @Manish Lamba The same rule that applies to any other scripts on this site, also applies here.
    If you can with the other you can with this one too.

    Sabtu, 09 Februari 2019
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @RangerBD71 That's your reason for a 3 *? Lol.

    Kamis, 07 Februari 2019