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    Inverted Flames don't apply correctly.
    Spelled "cable" as "calbe", "bugcatchers" as "bugcathers".
    Has DONK-draulics, so VStancer won't touch the wheels...easy fix, just delete the reference in vehicle.meta>flags.
    Nice work, though. Update with a "no-Donk" version and spelling fixed, would be the only suggested from me. Probably should add how to make the Donk work in your description, and with more detail, rather than in the menyoo/menu. Considering the work put into this mod, and the potential for a final version, I give this a 5 star. The DLC package is set up as it should be, no short cuts in file/folder structure, metas are structured properly. I wouldn't fault siavash for missing a few spellings, there's a lot of editing skills put into carcols and other metas...and one livery out of 20 odd ain't bad.
    @siavash mb
    Very well put together. I look forward to seeing more, and thank you for your efforts in making my gaming and modding experience in GTA5 more enjoyable by sharing your mods.

    9 hari yang lalu
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    Wow. Finally. I look forward to getting this downloaded and installed, but this 21.2KB/s download speed from 5MODS is going to take a I'll be back later with more appropriate comments. :)

    Rabu, 09 Juni 2021
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    My game installation is not visually modded, is base graphics, high-normal settings with removal of DOF, CA, and lightening (smaller resolution) of HBAO, and ReShade for DOF (LightDOF.fx), vibrance.fx, levels.fx and sharpening (SmartSharp.fx by PIRATE). I use vehicle mods, weapon mods...mostly meta edits. PFAMD1stR (your mod, here) scripts 0.2 and 0.4 do give some fps lift, however, I am more interested in lagging issues, not necessarily gains in fps. I want smoother, not faster. ;) That said, I think you could be on to something for low-end PC users...if my mid-range 8 yr old PC gets gains, you must be doing something right.
    As for MPmaps etc, nope. Not gonna do it, cuts performance terribly (dat 1650 I have...) and most MPmaps are broken in some way or another (falling through the floor etc). I'm rating this 4 stars, just for your effort and the users above that have gained substantial performance. I look forward to updates.

    Senin, 31 Mei 2021
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    AMD FX 8350 (OC'd to 4817 all core), 8 year old CPU+mobo...
    EVGA (nVidia) GTX 1650 SC Ultra (OC'd to 2160)...
    Without script: 110 fps.
    Revision 0.2 vs without script: gain of 9-15 fps. (119-125)
    Revision 0.3 vs without script: no change.
    Revision 0.4 vs without script: gain of 4-11 fps. (114-121)
    Same coordinates as your screenshot. Two minutes of floating with shore in view at night.

    Please add changelog and more detailed description, title is misleading, since you are only removing LODs for lights and not implicitly targeting Ryzen instructions (I'm on FX 8350, which is at least two generations older than Ryzen, and have changes in FPS with at least one revision of your script).

    Senin, 31 Mei 2021
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    The BEST way to utilize the saved vehicle xmls to your game is to manually compare (your edits made with RTHE) saved xml to modded/original handling.meta (via OpenIV or Notepad++), and MANUALLY make changes to the handling.meta...or, if you've made changes already with RTHE, just load them via RTHE>Load handling>. You can view and edit xmls with Notepad++ if you install the xml plugin (Notepad++>Tools>Plugin Admin). It is IMPORTANT to note that this tool is not really targeting the average user, it is a tool for (mod) developers to easily make handling adjustments in realtime, since the old way of restarting GTAV after each trial edit takes stupid amount of time and generally sucks monkey nuts. ;)

    Very nice update, love the flags descriptions being added. It looks like you have solved the "nInitialDriveGears" issue when a vehicle has an autoloaded Custom Gear Ratio preset loaded, as well. I am hopeful you are able to add bike subhandling data in the near future. Absolutely my favorite tool in the toolbox.

    Sabtu, 22 Mei 2021
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    Nice! Looking forward. Keeping my modding and playtime of GTAV ENJOYABLE!

    Selasa, 11 Mei 2021
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    Thank you for the update, always nice to see mods being supported by the author. Mod works as stated, only one conflict not mentioned in the description. If a user is using your Handling Editor mod (real time handling editing), CGR (this mod) sets the gear ration in RTHE to 1 in the configuration xml when saved and during editing. This only effects those users that might copy/paste the entire vehicle from RTHE xml to actual handling.meta. This value change happens whether or not that particular vehicle has had its gear ratios edited by CGR. Not a big deal, but as GI Joe says, "Knowing is half the battle." ;) Thank you for your efforts to make my gaming and modding of GTAV more enjoyable. I rate this file a 5 star script mod.

    Senin, 10 Mei 2021
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    Apparently, irrelevant questions are the topic, so: What kind of car do you drive? :P

    ON TOPIC: Mod does what it says, as explained in the videos. I always disliked that R sends choppers after you for every "little" thing. ;) Thank you for your efforts to make my modding and gaming more enjoyable.

    Rabu, 05 Mei 2021
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    This allows for manipulating scripts in real time, during game session. This has high potential for script developers and users who like to troubleshoot conflicts or performance of scripts.

    From the description:
    "...along with offering you the ability to start new scripts."

    Kamis, 29 April 2021
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    Thank you for responding so promptly. I understand the relationship dynamic put in place by the mod. My only issue is that these NPCs aren't identifiable by gang color association and I can't lock-on target through aggression in any way.

    The only mod I have "installed" that directly changes peds is nude beach, which I manually changed myself and applied only to two types of female beach ped. Please don't misunderstand: I am not complaining. I very much like the idea of "earning" cash thru The Mob and The Gang, because in story mode Franklin is pretty much the only of the three that can actually EARN money (racing), that actually applies to STATS:CASH:EARNED. Now that I have identified (somewhat) the (I guess I'll call) "No-gang Pimps", the issue isn't really game breaking. It was just surprising when first encountered and I thought I broke something while modding.

    The issue for me is that in game, if I have a firefight with natural rivals, and any of these NPCs are there...I can't fire on them, and melee is nearly impossible as they flee while firing on me. Which means:

    If one or two are in the middle of a fray and I accidentally fire on one, they will surely kill me without me able to return fire. Reticule goes gray, and firearms will not fire, while targeting them.

    I understand that you didn't intentionally make these "No-gang Pimps". I was perhaps hoping you or someone in comments may have a better understanding or knowledge of peds and friendly fire mechanism, and possibly give a brief lesson to me. ;) Funny thing is that I had not encountered this before, where I aim the reticule grays out and I can't fire. It's okay, I'm totally over it. :)

    For those having trouble getting the mod installed, you need the latest and greatest dll dependencies. All of these dependencies are linked in the description, and linked in proper order of hierarchy: ScriptHook, .NEThook, iFruit.

    Finally, one last observation: if you join the gang in one save, you will be in the gang in another save. Once again, I thank you for your efforts to make my gaming and modding much more enjoyable. This is a very well made mod, works as stated. After playing with it for a minute, I have decided to up the rating.

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    Kamis, 29 April 2021