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    this is a wonderful mod , if it works , but for some reasons when ever i press "open menu" button ( default f7 ) , it don don anything
    i got the latest Vhook and Dotnet versions
    any help from any one would be helpful
    thank u in advance

    Rabu, 20 Desember 2023
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    @HKH191 oooh , that explains a lot :)) So , none of your mods works with EGS version ? If so can you please do an update to them to make them work plz ?

    Senin, 01 Juni 2020
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    @HKH191 hi , first of all i want to thank u for you amazing mods , but this mod seems not to be working n game no matter what i do , i have epic games version and lattest script hook and my only mod is benny's garage an enhanced native trainer which both doing fine , any help can you give me ? i did install the mod just as you said in description , i would be thankful (by the way sorry for bad english)

    Minggu, 31 Mei 2020
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    hello guys , i need some help , everytime i load the game with 212antt scripthookv and the dinput8.dll and native trainer ( even the enhanced native trainer ) and try to load a save or replay a mission it freeze on loading screen , can anyone help me with this ? im new to community and really dont understand this mods too much , i would be thankful .
    by the way i play Epic games version (sorry for bad english)

    Kamis, 21 Mei 2020