Replace Player Vehicle Script 4.0 (Compatiblity Patch for Replace Hud and Blip Colours Mod)



this mod is a simple script to replace the players personal vehicle with another vehicle, the mod even supports the use of addon vehicles as the players new vehicle

mod supports replacing Franklin's Buffalo and Bagger, Trevor's Bodhi and Quadbike, and Michael's Tailgater

after installing this is how you replace players vehicle
1) Press F7 (or whatever key OPEN_MENU_KEY is set to ReplacePlayerVehicle\SettingsData.ini) a menu will pop up, you have three main options, Replace Player Car (can be set to True/False), Set Player Original Car, and Set Player Replace Car

2) for the charaters vehicle you want to replace find their vehicle (example Trevor's Bodhi, Franklin's Buffalo), next open the menu and Select 'Set Player Original Car', you will get a message saying this vehicle has been set to players original car

3) again for the player you want to replace their vehicle, find/spawn the vehicle you want to be there repalcement vehicle, open the menu once your sitting in the vehicle you want to be their replacement vehicle and hit 'Set Player Replace Car'

4 next simply switch 'Replace Player Car' to true, it is highly recomended that if you using an addon vehicle if you uninstalling the addon vehicle to switch 'Replace Player Car' back to false

full tutorial on how to do it here skip to 4.16

initial release
added safeguards to prevent mod crashing when failing to replace players vehicle
fixed vehicle not wanting to start
2.0 Mod Converted over to LemonUI, no more need of NativeUI
fixed some addon vehicles not spawning for example

drop ReplacePlayerVehicle.dll and ReplacePlayerVehicle folder into scirpts, if you dont have one create a script folder named 'scripts' and NOT 'Scripts'
drop my HKHModHelperNew into scripts if it is not already there, make sure the version you have is 2.8.5 or above

install scripthookv
install scripthookvdotnet, place all 7 files that come with scirpthookvdontet into root folder (where PlayGtav.exe is)
download LemonUI from and put in scripts folder
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 2.0 (LemonUI Update)

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