TwoPlayerMod [.NET] 2.2


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LetsPlayOrDy - Improving camera and other nice additions

Spawns up to 3 extra players which can be controlled with any configured and assigned USB Gamepad.

When using a Xbox controller you don't have to do the configuration part. You just have to assign it to the player you want.

The by default F11 key opens/closes the menu. Before playing you have to configure atleast one USB gamepad.

Change camera view (default V): will toggle the GTA:SA camera

Copy the all files from the zip folder to the 'scripts' folder in your GTA V installation folder.

Make sure you use .NET ScriptHook 2.9.5 or newer

Also make sure you have NativeUI 1.7 or newer installed.

2.2: Updated to newest versions of ScriptHookVDotNet, SharpDX and NativeUI
2.1: Support for melee weapons, support for multiple players, bug fixes.
2.0: Added correct walking for player 1 in custom camera, added minimap lock, improved stealing vehicles
1.9: Added running, added shooting while driving, ability to cancel controller configuration, ability to jump out of moving vehicles
1.8: Better walking (only working in custom camera currently), bug fix for Dpad detection and much more combat improvements.
1.7: Fixed start crash, added support for throwing projectile weapons like grenades, added GTA: SA style camera and much more improvements!
1.6: Bugfix for Dpad recognition, added combat system, add custom camera zoom level and much more!
1.5: Fixed unrecognized DPADS, fixed walking circles, started player 2 combat system(you currently have only weapons but cannot use them yet) , and much more!
1.4: Fixed DirectInput, Walking, Driving, Added Custom Camera and Character selection
1.3: Fixed Xbox controller and walking
1.2: Added Xbox (XInput) controller support
1.1: Reworked controller configuration, way better
1.0: First version please report any bugs

Frequently Asked Questions:
XInput (Xbox) controller controls both characters why does this happen?
To configure your Xbox Controller to Player 2:
-Download this:
-Launch the software
-Then your controller will be recognized as controller 1 (At this point you are in the "General" menu)
-Then go to the "Advanced" menu
-In Advanced there is the "Device" configuration
-Change "One" to "Two" in the Pass Through ID selection
-THEN deplug your controller and replug it
And your controller should be set in player 2!
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