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I made this mod a while ago but stopped woking on it, so i figured i'd just release it. It goes well with my heist mods. It replicates the swapcar from the diamond casino heist in gta online. press shift+e or "a + right dpad" to set the current vehicle as a swap car.
Once the swap car is set you you can use it to lose a wanted level if you get into it when the cops are searching for you. You need to be out of sight of the cops or the swap car will fail.
You can remove the current swap car if you press "E" or "right d-pad" if you are sitting in the swap car.
Once the swap-car is set you will not be able to drive it.


Put swap-car.dll and swap-car.pdb into your scripts folder, if you don't have a scripts folder read the Requirements.
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