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This script allows you to hide the radio stations from the radio wheel.

Hiding more than 14 stations, on a game build lower than 2372 (Los Santos Tuners DLC), will result in the option to turn the radio off to disappear and, even if hidden, Los Santos Rock Radio will show up again.
West Coast Talk Radio, Blaine County Radio, Self Radio and Los Santos Underground Radio can't be hidden.

Build 1493 (After Hours DLC) of the game (minimun).
Script Hook V .NET.

Move "HideRadioStations.cs" and "HideRadioStations.ini" in the "scripts" folder.
In "HideRadioStations.ini", set to "true" the station(s) you want to hide from the radio wheel.

Special Thanks
alloc8or for the NativeDB and for the radio stations list.
Sainan for the decompiled scripts and the updated radio stations list.
dexyfex for Codewalker.

Reduced the wait time to 500 ms.
Updated both the script and configuration file and changed the name to "HideRadioStations".
Note: after testing the script on the newest game build, it's possible to hide more than 14 stations without the radio wheel freaking out. The notes on top of the mod description and inside the ini have been updated.
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