Flatout 2 High Jump 1.1


A Flatout 2-style bail-out-of-car. Hold down the bail button to increase the angle at which to fly at, then let go to fly.

I recommend using god mode with this mod, as you'll die pretty quickly after ejecting a few times.

  • Install Script Hook V.
  • Install Script Hook V .NET.
  • Copy FlatoutBail.dll, FlatoutBail.ini, NAudio.dll, and the FlatoutBail folder to within the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

Hold X on keyboard or the vehicle duck button on controller (by default A on Xbox controller) to increase angle, then release to fly.
Press Space on keyboard or the jump button on controller (X on Xbox controller) to nudge the player while in air.
Move around while in air after ejecting with your walking/driving controls (defaults WASD/left thumb stick).
Press F9 to enable/disable the mod.

Customizations in INI:
The force to apply to the player when bailing out (Bail_Force).
The force to apply to the player when nudging (Nudge_Force).
Whether to be enabled on startup or not (Enabled_On_Startup).
Allow nudging or not (Allow_Nudge).
Allow moving while in air after bailing out (Allow_Move_While_In_Air)
Whether to play the eject sound or not (Play_Eject_Sound).
Whether to play the nudge sound or not (Play_Nudge_Sound).
The key to enable/disable the mod (Toggle_Mod_Key) (keys list).
The keyboard key to start the bail (Bail_Key) (keys list).
The key to nudge the player in air (Nudge_Key) (keys list).
Whether to have controller support or not (Controller_Support).
The controller button to start the bail (Controller_Bail_Button) (buttons list)
The controller button to nudge the player in air (Controller_Nudge_Button) (buttons list)
**All positions and sizes are in percentages of screen width/height**
The background picture position (Background_Pos_X/Y).
The needle picture position (Needle_Pos_X/Y).
The background picture size (Background_Width/Height).
The needle picture size (Needle_Width/Height).
The angle text position (Angle_Text_Pos_X/Y).
The angle text scale (Angle_Text_Scale).
The angle text color (Angle_Text_Color) (colors list).

Other customizations:
The background picture (replace the "background.png" file in the FlatoutBail folder to any png file).
The needle picture (replace the "needle.png" file in the FlatoutBail folder to any png file).
The eject sound (replace the "eject.wav" file in the FlatoutBail folder to any WAV file).

This mod is not perfect. The windscreen does not break when bailing out, and you get teleported in front/above your vehicle when bailing out. These are due to limitations of GTA V that I could not get around.
Currently the ejection sound is just of a man screaming.
If you can make a better quality background/needle (in the Flatout 2 style) please send them to me and I'll include them in the mod (and credit you)! :)

Source code.

lukasvelozo: idea of Flatout 2 Bail-out
bdking00: original Eject mod (the inspiration for my series of Ejection mods)
Jitnaught: writing the script
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