Rust Removal mod


Rust Removal mod by Silver Star
Special thanks to Cpl. Cookie for helping me with some of the textures and overall making the process go a lot faster.


This mod will remove rust from all the beater vehicles and some of the offroad vehicles.
It also removes rust from the trains and some of the big rigs as a side effect.

Since some beater cars already have regular variants, such as the Tornado, Rebel, Emperor, etc, this mod may seem a little pointless, but call it personal preference. It does allow you to at least have a brand new looking Rebel baja racer for example.


Do not use these mods online, I am not responsible if your account gets banned for taking modified files into GTA Online.

Before installing, be sure to make backups! I am not responsible if your game breaks.



Step 1: Start OpenIV and open x64e.rpf in Edit mode.
Step 2: Browse to levels -> gta5 and extract vehicles.rpf to somewhere within the GTA 5 main folder.
Step 3: Delete vehicles.rpf from x64e.rpf and rebuild the archive.
Step 4: Open the extracted vehicles.rpf archive.
Step 5: Drag all the included .ytd files into the archive, this will replace the existing files.
Step 6: Do not rebuild vehicles.rpf, open x64e.rpf instead and browse back to levels -> gta5.
Step 7: Drag the modified vehicles.rpf back into the gta5 folder within x64e.rpf.
Step 8: Do not rebuild x64e.rpf, simply close OpenIV.

All done, now simply play the game.
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