North Yankton Mission - My Version [Build a Mission] 3.0


My version of the first mission, and were Brad survives.
Best playing as Micheal.

MISSION BRIEF: So as you, Trevor and Brad successfully robbed the bank, you have to fight North Yankton's finest to get to the escape point.
But this time there IS a way to escape and the police are not letting you go with their money without a fight!

Reward: $110,000 (if it can be passed, there is a glitch)

NOTE: Please have a mod that will load the Yankton map a Trainer or anything else as this mission will be un-playable.

There is a Read Me file that will explain everything.

Please give me some feedback as I would like to know what you think and what I can do to improve it.

V1: Initial release.


1) Fixed error of getting in the escape helicopter, changed to Go to Actor then Enter vehicle Objective.
2) Added red cone barriers near the police car outside of bank.
3) Moved a police car out of the way at the out side of the bank in case any cars want to pass.
4) Added a police car with driver and passenger to give chase to the Player when entering the escape vehicle.
5) Added two police cars to race to the bank area when entering the escape vehicle. [Will sometimes chase Player if to close to them]
6) Added more police cars to race to the Player, Brad and Trevor when reaching the helicopter pick-up zone.


1) Added a few vehicles near the bridge area to add more feel to the mission. [Might add people in later update]
2) I have give the two passing police cars better ways of getting to the bank without shooting or chasing the Player, Brad and Trevor. [Have set them to not react to any actions the Player does]
3) The Getaway Pilot will now spawn at intended Objective and take a bit more time to get to Players position for more time fighting cops.
4) Changed mission to be at night time for better effect.
5) Added a "Yankton" police helicopter at ambush roadblock to intimidate the Player to not mess with the road block.
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