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My first published mission for the Mission Maker mod.

MISSION: After the events of the storyline, Micheal & Trevor have slowly started to work things out and become friends once again.
One night while Micheal and his family are having a quiet night in unwittingly become under attack from a bunch of thugs. Micheal steps in to defend his family and chase down the fools who are stupid enough to mess with him and kill them.

Meanwhile, Trevor gets wind of the attack and is on his way to save Micheal from more attackers coming.


TAKE NOTE: This mission is a work in progress, stuff like the chase part needs a little more work.

Please feel free to post videos of this on YouTube, all feedback is welcome.

Mission Maker (obviously) - by aimless

Don't be asking me were what goes were or what you should do.
All requirments to install the main mod are on aimless's page.

Any problems with the mod report to the mods main page not this mission page. I will NOT help.
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