Blood and Decals Diversity 3.0



3.0 - Overhauled the Wounds system again to be more realistic,made new wounds some with a new bump map technique of using an actual texture with a normal map,wich will look bumpier than before,they behave acording to the type of weapon,sniper rifles will do more visual damage than a pistol wich will do small realistic wounds etc.
-brand new hand made hyper realistic blood pools and splatters.
-fixed some bugs with wounds not showing up on legs etc
-textures have been optimised some more with mip maps etc,the mod works perfectly even on an integrated gpu with no fps hit.


Thanks:wyruzzah for letting me know about texture optimisation and mip maps

i highly recommend this brain pieces mod

Features-Realistic and diverse Blood Pools,splatters and wounds
-Blood trail on leg artery hits,head and on knife stabs.
-Very diverse Bullet holes of metal,concrete,glass,wood.
-Textures are optimised with mip maps so expect no fps hit even tough there are 10x more variations than vanilla.
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