Rockford Hills Repair Shop [FiveM / MapEditor] 1.2

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This is my first map I have made hope you like it

1. Download and extract the carshop folder using winrar or 7zip to your desktop.
2. Inside your resources folder drag the carshop folder into that directory
3. go to your server.cfg file and add this line.. start carshop
4. Load up your server and go to the location thats

1. Download and extract the "Single Player" folder using winrar or 7zip to your desktop.
2. In File Explorer locate to your Grand Theft Auto 5 directory, and make a folder called: "maps".
3. Inside the "Single Player" folder copy then paste the carshop.xml into your "maps" folder you just created.
4. Once finished load up GTA V storymode and press F7 to load map editor.
5. Click on load map then select file chooser and find your maps folder you created.

90 Props
1 Car Lift
6 Part Racks
Gas Pump (Working)

XML File for Single Player Use

Survalance Cameras and Security Setup
Car Park
Removed Old Flooring
Cleaner Inside and Outside of shop
Updated XML
156 Props
1 Car Lift
1 Engine Hoist
2 Gates
6 Part Racks
2 Gas Pumps (Working)
Added Light Post

Map Editor by Guadmaz:

Add me on discord for any other type of issues or improvements and other design along the ways.
My Discord: Juice7134
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