Imponte Street Mod Ruiner [Replace / FiveM | Tuning] 1.2 [FINAL]


1. Download and extract the "ruiner" folder to your desktop using winrar or 7zip.
2. Locate to your FiveM server resources folder (Depends what drive you made it in) e.g.: C:FXServer server-data resources
3. Go into the "Replace" folder then copy and paste the ruiner folder to your FiveM resources folder.
4. Go to your server.cfg file and type the following line: start ruiner
5. Start your server and spawn the car "ruiner"

--Single Player--
1.Download and extract the "ruiner" folder to your desktop using winrar or 7zip.
2. Open up Open IV and go to this archive: update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday2ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf/
3. Once done that go into the "Singleplayer" folder and drag the 3 ruiner files to that desiresd archive.
4. Load up GTAV and Spawn the car by its name "ruiner" -- to do this you must have menyoo or simple trainer or any trainer that spawns cars.

Breakable Glass
V8 Engine

New rambar
Addon Version
Roll Cage
Rev Limiter
Racing Seats
Offroad Handling

New Engine
Removed Addon Version
Removed Roll Cage
Removed Rev Limiter
Removed Racing Seats
Removed Offroad Handling

Cars extra mods have texture loss (Fixed)
Engines exhaust pipes are not working (Fixed)
When the car breaks a door or part e.g.: Hood, door etc. It will duplicate (Fixed)
All part doors, hood, and trunk don't open (Fixed)
A slight problem with the blower broken textures (green blower) couldn't find the right texture but to fix you need to mess around with vehicles mods and colour somehow.

Open IV by the Open IV Team:
Menyoo Mod by MAFINS:
Simple Trainer by sjaak327:

Note: Make a backup of the cars files just incase you dont want it iand go through a long process of reinstalling the game.
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