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This mod is now outdated since Larcius made a new version with my authorisation. He added LODS and more stability to my original mod, you can download this new 3.0 version here: GTA V Remastered: Enhanced

Here we go with a revisited version of GTA V Remastered!
Since the initial release of the mod was too heavy for gta 5 due to the huge amount of props added, I decided to update it.
Now you can use this mod easily with no need of a modified gameconfig.
Also I realised that some areas had way too much vegetation, I decided to remove a lot of props to make it closer to the real Los Angeles amount of vegetation.
And fortunatly it solved crashing issues! However, if you prefered the initial release of the mod with so much vegetation everywhere, the 1.3 is still downloadable but i wouldn't recommand it.

Mod Features:
- works as Add-On Ymaps, this means perfect integration in the game.
- 7000 more variety objects added around L.S. (trees, palms trees, plants, benches, bins, litters, terrasses/tables/chairs, chickens...and so much more)
- All props are manually placed with differents orientation, size and rotation.

Changelog 2.0b:
removed some unrealistic object at observatory, there is notthing on the grass in real life L.A. observatory.
Added new Downtown L.S. areas (3 new files added for about 300 new objects) you can see this in the quarter around L.S. bank tower.

Changelog 2.0:
- removed unnessessary props in every files to lighten the mod and make it closer to real life.
- adjusted (decreased) load distance for big forest in counryside of L.S.
- slighly downscale the heigh of some props like palm trees in every files of the mod to make it more natural for your eyes.
- no more modified gameconfig needed to run the mod.

Installation instructions are in the ReadMe.

Do not reupload this mod on any website without my authorization.
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