Firewatch Lookout Towers 1.1.0 [DLC]

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Logging companies have already eliminated most of the forests around Los Santos, so all the more important to protect the few patches of trees that remain on the slopes of Mt. Chiliad and northern valleys of the Vinewood Hills. Forest rangers can now keep a sharp lookout from above to immediately call in any trace of forest fire smoke that they can make out through the smog on the horizon.

This map mod adds three fire towers across the map - one high on the flanks of Mt. Chiliad, one perched above Raton Canyon, and another above Galileo Observatory in the Vinewood Hills. The tower model is adapted from the Cayo Perico watch towers, and has been equipped with glass windows and a well-equipped interior for round-the-clock patrols. With static map collisions, proper long-distance LODs and distant lights, cleaned up vegetation, and updated ambient ped scenarios, these towers won't affect performance and fit right into the environment as if they were always a part of the game.

LML installation option is recommended. DLC pack is provided for those who insist. FiveM package also available, thanks to @medic4523 for configuring and testing the FiveM package.

Thank you to all the members of the Parks Benefactor Program for supporting my development and making mods like this possible! If you'd like to support innovative mods for GTA and get early access to new mods like this one, please consider joining today at Special thanks to Old Faithful level supporters who have been especially generous: AcePilot2k7, Magiobiwan, Alessandro34YT, Drixize, WarriorPatrol, fireguy7775, swatteam9112004, jmoney545, ExileGhost, LeoTheSkunk, masonjai, Marco321132, MetFan11214, NQVAAAAA, PawPaw2014, Peyton.P, SOCALI, Jimmy, Jezzaron, LLasierr, DaZe, DSJRICH, Trevor185, WaltzerLadRyan, klnglalala, and pcGAMEZguy


  • 1.1.0: Fixed terrain collisions near Raton Canyon tower, added scenario files to DLC download.
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