Killer Snowballs 0.40


tired of the boring snowballs that sit in a weapon slot and do nothing? well add this to your game! it turns friendly harmless snowballs into killing machines!

You can set cars alight, kill pedestrians in one hit or chuck one into a plane engine while its landing, causing it to explode.

so i made this mod simply because snowballs do nothing like i mentioned. this is so much more fun than before. i actually laughed when i threw a snowball in the air and it landed on a ped's head, he fell like a sack of potatoes.

if you like funny deaths then please try this out!
it is still being worked on as well, i intend to make a rapid fire snow ball and do more with this one!

Install is in the -- readme.txt -- as its easier to do on there

and if you mess up i added a original copy of the file in case you want to remove it. if you make a video send me a link and ill be sure to add it on here!

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