9MM Pistol Sound

39a325 9mm pistol with loaded magazine and live ammunition px4p5y



Step 1 Run OpenIV, navigate to mods/x64/audio/sfx/resident.rpf
Step 2 right click weapons.awc select "Export to openFormats (.oac)" select desktop; you should get a folder and a file called "weapons" and "weapons.oac"
Step 3 Open the weapons folder drag and drop the PTL_PISTOL_SHOT.R file into the weapons folder close the folder, and grab the weapons.oac folder and drop into the weapon.awc

Step 4 Navigate to mods/x64/audio/sfx/weapons_player.rpf
Step 5 right click on the ptl_pistol.awc and export to openFormats (.oac) select desktop, open the ptl_pistol folder now drag and drop the PTL_PISTOL_SHOT.L and replace it.
Step 6 Drag and drop the ptl_pistol.oac file into OpenIV ptl_pistol.awc. You're all set! Enjoy!!

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