Vapid TARV - Lore-Friendly Bearcat [Add-On | EUP] 1.0.0

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When the going gets tough and the cops call the cops, the TARV becomes the ultimate showstopper - bringing down the house with eight tons of pure peacekeeping force. Capable of highway speeds - because peace waits for no rush hour. Punch it.

Merry Christmas! My christmas present for all of you this year is the Vapid TARV. It's one of the most wanted vehicles by the community and it is finally here to enhance your GTA experience. Currently it only features a vanilla-style version, but I will update the downloads with a DEV version and more realistic assets, aswell as some more EUP stuff after the holidays.

- All LODs
- Dirtmapping
- Glass shards
- Fully mapped
- Supports up to 10 passengers
- Very well optimized

Q: Can i use this on my FiveM server?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you help me install it?
A: No.
Q: But-
A: No.
Q: Can I modify it?
A: Yes, but I'd like if you first message me on here or on discord if you plan on releasing it publicly.
Q: My lights don't seem to work, help?
A: Get this:
Q: Why is it named Vapid TARV? Shouldn't it be a Brute?
A: Ok.
Q: I have not read the FAQ, will you help me in 5Mods DMs?
A: No.

- Weird behavior in water
- Spinning out bug
- Vehicle light ids
- Layouts bug with shooting out of windows
- Bad entry animations
- Z-fighting on emissives
- No gxt2 entry
- Missing vehicle flags

- Da7k - Modelling and porting to GTA V
- Fenton - Layouts and interior edits
- Nacho - Bug fixes, overhauling of the model, police equipment
- Eddlm - Custom handling
- bravo_1_charlie - Custom Soundbank
- MyCrystals! - Description
- AlexanderLB - Siren controller texture
- Marksman - Commissioning the model
- Gryffin - Screenshots

This mod is not allowed to be rereleased to any other sites without written permission!
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