Subaru Legacy B4 (BL5) 2005 [Add-On | LODs | Sound | Tuning | Liveries | Vehfuncs] 1.01 hotfix


Subaru Legacy B4 (BL5) 2005
Models and textures: turn10 / wanted188
Taken from
RHD layout: Alex9581
Sound: TheAdmiester
Liveries: Cipher

Brought to you by my awesome Patrons:
- ryz0o
- Tinman1287
- BlacknTan
- Max Luk

If you would like to support me and get some really cool tuner cars - you can do so here:
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HOTFIX: added VehfuncsV configs for both variants

- Detailed stock model with all the necessary parts (enginebay, trunk etc...)
- LODs
- All the base game features
- 26 tuning parts
- Functional 3d dials, wipers and engine fan (Vehfuncs V is required
- Template and 2 liveries by Cipher
- Custom sound by TheAdmiester
- 2 Variants: RHD and LHD
and more

- operational brain
- Casino update or newer game version.
- the latest gameconfig:
- Heap limit adjuster:
- packfile limit adjuster:
- LIGHTS FIX by greenaid (inside the archive with the car. installation instructions included)
- Vehfuncs V by Zolika1351

- IKT's custom gear ratios:
- IKT's Add-On Vehicle Spawner:
- IKT's Ghost Replay:
- GreenAid's custom color pack:

RHD animation related bugs may occur(head may pop through the window when reversing etc...)
the game doesn't support RHD animations by default and this layout is the best one can do with the game's limitations for now.
Dials dont work in FiveM due to the fact that they rely on VehfuncsV (a FiveM compatible version can be purchased separately)

1.01 hotfix - added missing VehFuncsV ini config file

Installation instructions inside the Readme!
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