Mazda RX-7 FC3S LHD [Add-On | Tuning | Template | Animated] 1.35



Mod by:Gimme2008
Original model from : Turn10, World of speed, asseto corsa (sliding penguin for part and skin) (ALAN MC ENROE, COREY SUTHERLAND AND JORDAN DOE for re amemyia skin)


Extract file to GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

Go to GTAV\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

Add this line to dlclist.xml


Known bugs: please notify me


13 Front bumpers
7 Rear bumpers
13 Spoilers
8 Hoods
2 Roof spoilers
1 Set of over fenders
9 Differents Liveries
2 Headlight
1 Engine mod with bigger turbo and front mount intercooler
HQ left hand drive interior with emmisive and fully working cluster
HQ left hand drive engine bay (animated)
HQ door and hood interior
Liveries template and dirtmap on all part
Pop-up light (left rear door)
Brakable Glass and dirt map
Openable sunroof

v 1.2 changelog

3 New led Headlight (textures animated)
1 New Set of over fenders
1 New spoiler
2 Engine swap (13bre and 26b 4 rotors)
Sun roof fixed
4 Racing seats
1 Exhaust
Now with neon mod

v 1.3 changelog

added Stripped interior mod
added rollcage mod (paintable)
added race goodies mod (fully working rpm and boost gage)
fixed popup light (no longer need script to open)
fixed steering wheel bug (5 steering wheel mod available)
added 5 exhaust
sound fixed (no longer need the last update to work)
fixed handling (the drift handling is also available in the data folder)
better interior texture
fixed seat belt on seat mod
no longer need to add headlamp on amemiya front bumper
fixed tail light texture are too dark
add fog lamp and hks intercooler on amemiya front bumper
template are now available in the main folder
fixed bug fix with shifter,ice and tank

v1.33 changelog

add no exhaust mod
fix light and light (i think is good let me know)

v1.35 changelog

fix backfire with no exhaust and 4 rotor mod is at the wrong place
fix side windows (the extra2 is removed now windows tint is fix)
fix the bug with rocktars editor now the hood and front wing will not dissapear in the video
some interior texture improvement
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