Paradise City Police Pack [Add-On] 2.1


Just when you thought civilian-operated barely road-legal automobiles were already a threat to seemingly autonomous traffic of Paradise City, unusually rare pedestrians and cardboard billboards, this fleet of special pursuit vehicles has been released to the Paradise City Police Department in response to recent crimewave. Fitted with rainbow coloured nitrous fumes and emergency lighting, PCPD enforces the law by smashing criminals into walls and city buses.
Five-Star Police Auctions


• General: added support for Auto Engine Sound Swapper by Eddlm - vehicles now have their correct engine sounds and audible sirens.
• Buffalo S/C: updated model to match Buffalo S/C Police Pack quality, reworked lighting setup, changed model name to pcpdbufsc.

• General: updated PCPD shield and roundel, downscaled liveries to 2K for better performance.
• Added PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C.
• Hermes: added new mirrors, improved front licence plate holder (both secondary colour), minor fixes.
• Vigero Rumbler: lightbar: fixed collision, texture touch-up.

• Vigero Rumbler: fixed front bumper not being able to detach, fixed minor livery mapping issue.

Initial release.

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.

This is a pack of vehicles styled after Paradise City Police Department vehicles from Burnout Paradise. As of 2.0, it contains:
• PCPD Declasse Vigero Rumbler (pcpdvig),
• PCPD Albany Hermes (pcpdhermes),
• PCPD Declasse Hotring Sabre (pcpdhotr),
• PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C (pcpdbufsc).

NEW! PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C: inspired accurately by Hunter Citizen: 3 liveries, new rear section, new wheels, custom lighting setup, improved handling - higher mass, higher top speed, higher understeer in higher speeds.
• Equipment and livery design based closely on original PCPD vehicles seen in Burnout Paradise.
• Faithfully recreated emergency lighting setups and patterns.
• PCPD vanity plates.
• Added working taillights (Hotring Sabre).
• Shaking engine blocks and wobbling antennae.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Rockstar Games - original vehicle models.
Voit Turyv - idea, Buffalo S/C model and template, Declasse Vigero Rumbler model and template, PCPD vehicle variants, livery design.
11john11 - emergency lighting setups, PCPD Vigero Rumbler lightbar model, PCPD Hermes beacon model conversion from Mafia II, beta testing, screenshots.
The Shotty - PCPD Hotring Sabre: lightbar model.
Da7K - PCPD Vigero Rumbler: rear window louvres model.
le_shark - PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C: improved rear end.
NefariousBonne - PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C: siren control panel model.
Johnny362000 - PCPD Bravado Buffalo S/C: handling.
Eddlm - screenshots.

AlexanderLB - PCPD shield, PCPD roundel, PCPD computer wallpaper, PCPD modern licence plate.
Boywond - PCPD vintage licence plates, Buffalo S/C badges.
Voit Turyv - PCPD liveries.

If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
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