Mercedes-Benz W114 coupé [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] 1.0


The Mercedes-Benz W114 is front-engine, rear-drive, five-passenger sedan introduced in 1968 and manufactured until model year 1976. Mercedes also used a '/8' on the 114 ID plates,
indicating their 1968 launch year. Mercedes introduced a coupé variant of the W114 in 1969, featuring a longer boot lid and available with either a 2.5 or 2.8 litre six-cylinder engine.
This time I made coupe version "250c", with "M114" engine, and it is earlier model before 1973 facelift.


Body Color = [PAINT:1]
Open Soft Top Color (tuning part) = [PAINT:2]
Interior Color 1 (seats and door panels) = [PAINT:6]
Interior Color 2 (floor carpets) = [PAINT:7]


1) to CABRIO
No factory built W114 coupe-convertibles. As you can find many diferent pictures of it, seems that some after market companies did conversions however.
So I did the same. Car spawns as hardtop coupe, but you can convert it to cabrio in "Los Santos Customs" (or using the trainer).
The roof, rear windows, and rear windshield are parts of "EXTRA_2" which always spawns, but with "FLAG_EXTRAS_CONVERTIBLE" in "vehicles.meta". This way, the conversion turns off all the windows and the rear windshield.
Without tuning (with roof) windows and rear windscreen are breakable with right IDs.
(Don't just remove EXTRA_2 with trainer, because the open soft top will not appear).

2) Extra Fog Lights (front bumper)

3) Dual Exhaust

Animated: engine, exhaust, interor car key, antenna
Breakable: windscreens, windows, side-view mirror, rear-view mirror and all Lights (tuning Fog Lights also breake with headlights)
Working speedometer (shows MPH) and signal lights on the dashboard;
hands on the wheel; foot on the pedal; correct passengers positions; correct collision; dirt map; inner glass does not turn black after upgrade...
(if something is wrong, please report, I would fix it If I can) ...and LODs to help performance:


high ..........58.695
and very low...691 polygons

That's it, I hope you will like it.

Naj Potez, 15.XI.2022.
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