FIB Buffalo with kit [FINAL]

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Do NOT use online!

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I would highly advise to follow updates as the mod will be updated often.

This is my first GTA 5 mod, and I still can't figure out ZModeler3 completly because of the differencies it has compared to ZModeler 2.

At this moment I'd like to say that it will be the final version. There might be a update for the windows in the future, which is unlikely to be.
My next mod will head towards converting. I will try my best to convert the Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Nissan 370Z including a bodykit.
Here's a picture how the bodykit looks:

Fixes in 1.2 [FINAL]
  • Bottom of the car not matching sideskirts

  • Fixes in 1.1
  • Bodyshell falling off at roof impact

  • Known bugs:
  • Windows can't be shot

  • To install this mod you require: OpenIV, Scripthook V & OpenIV RPF Plugin

    Installing guide
    1. Run OpenIV and go into GTA V
    2. Navigate over to the x64e.rpf archive
    3. Follow this path: levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
    4. Activate Edit Mode & replace files
    5. Close OpenIV, start the game and enjoy the mod

  • Rockstar Games for the Buffalo
  • Algonquin Hood for the modifications
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