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- This mod is a recreation of the Annihilator from Grand Theft Auto IV.
The Annihilator was the king of the skies back in the old days of GTA IV, and even
with the Buzzard coming in with TBoGT, the beast itself was given an upgrade,
explosive rounds.

- In this mod, you will be given two options, the Classic Machine Gun setup in the
original GTA IV game, and the Ex-Round Version from TLaD and TBoGT. Both of these will use different
guns from different aircrafts currently in the game, along with tweaked weapon handling to closely
match the rate of fire that you can see in GTA IV, and performance similar to what you would see when you fly
the behemoth of Liberty City.


- To find the Annihilator's handing file, read the following line:
( mods - update - update.rpf - common - data )
- Now take one of the "handling.meta" files that I have provided in the folder and replace it with the
one in your mods folder.
( Inside the handling file, "ANNIHL" will be in there if you search it up just
incase you would like to know exactly where in the handling file is it located. )
- Replacing the file will not only tweak the performance of the helicopter, but it will give you a weapon
tweak. It is given the sound of the Assault Shotgun as it comes a little close to how it sounds like in
GTA IV. I gave the Annihilator the machine guns from the P- 45 Nokota (Classic) and the Rogue.
( TBoGT & TLaD )

- Next, to change the weapon handling of the Nokota or Rogue, read the following line:
( mods - update - x64 - dlcpacks - mpsmuggler - dlc.rpf - common - data - ai )
- Take one of the files that I provided and replace it with the corresponding file.
( DOGFIGHT = P45 Nokota )

- As an extra, I have taken the livery from GTA IV and imported it to GTA V to give it a more classic look.
The front is kinda buggy so please ignore it.
-To locate the Annihilator's texture file, read the following:
( mods - x64e.rpf - levels - gta5 - vehicles.rpf )
- Replace the file with the one provided in folder.


Update 1.0
- Initial Release

Update 1.1
- Changed Muzzle Flash for both machine gun configurations, giving a
powerful effect.
- Firerate increased very slightly.
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