ATL-98 Carvair [Add-On | Tuning I Liveries]


Hey guys, here i am with another very awesome project: the Carvair

The Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair was a large transport aircraft powered by four radial engines. It was a Douglas DC-4-based air ferry conversion developed by Freddie Laker's Aviation Traders (Engineering) Limited (ATL), with a capacity generally of 22 passengers in a rear cabin, and five cars loaded in at the front.

Special features:

- Enterable interior
- Working rudder pedal brakes
- Working rudder pedals
- Equiped with an mod menu that allows you to add the rear stairs.
- Working elevator trim tabs
- Seperated flap animations underneeth the bomb bay option

Be sure to check out the Normal DC-4 as well here:

The Model comes with these liveries:
BAF cargo
Ansett - ANA air cargo
house colours

Feel free to upload liveries for it, just mention the this mod's link

Credits and special thanks to:
- FoxUnitOne, for teaching me how to mod and teaching me
the base features
of Zmodeler
- SkylineGTRFreak, for letting me use some parts off his mods
- Kiryu, Novaa, for making the cool screenshots
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