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    Can i get this model unlock files thinking of adding police stuff in it

    Sabtu, 07 Januari 2023
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    later version crash the game to desktop while loading story mode

    Kamis, 22 Desember 2022
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    can i know how to disable the hotkey to prevent the cars like turimo r spawning?

    Jumat, 16 Desember 2022
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    thanks... is a good mod save my space up real good... mods folder from size 106gb ( files in my mods folder included update / x64 / common,rpf & x64a - x64w.rpf ) to 96.8gb... after install NVE Graphic mods folder increase to 102gb (before INSTALLING this mod is 112gb AFTER NVE Installation)... this is amazing and the size of all file you can really see the differents on it...

    So here the steps on how i install :-
    Firstly i would like to thanks to @Lowlolo for his work on putting all files together in one link ( )

    create mods folder in your gta v game directory and copy this files in to the mods folder
    x64a - x64w.rpf

    after downloading the file...
    1. install GTA V RE-Sized x64a.rpf and x64d.rpf
    2. install GTA V RE-Sized x64c - GTA V RE-Sized x64w ( follow the alphabet order )
    *** Take Note : There is 2 x64g.rpf ( GTA V RE-Sized x64g & GTA V RE-Sized x64g.rpf part 2 low quality roads ) ***
    *** Only Install GTA V RE-Sized x64g.rpf part 2 low quality roads if you want low quality roads if not just ignore ***
    3. install _patchday_dlcs
    4. install x64r_Patch_2021 & x64w_Dlcpacks
    5. install _GTA V RE-Sized update.rpf texture edits vanilla
    6. install _mpairraces / _mpapartment / _mpassault & _mpheist4
    7. lastly extract _mpbiker.rar and install mpbiker first then only install mpbiker_defrag

    after following the above steps you will notice i didnt mention these files _GTA V RE-Sized CHP and Offroad Motorcycle Cops / _Lopoly interior cars / _various files cleaned up by N8Gamez...
    files i mention is actually a addon files by the modder if i not mistaken so i choose not to install as i dont want to use it... if any of you want to use just install it...

    so far the steps i provide above didnt give me any problem like error message or crash to desktop..
    below are some photo of my in game fps after install nve and enb plus some of the addon provided by the nve modder ( 3. Brighter Emergency Lights / 4. Parallax Roads and Pavement Overhaul / 7. Volumetric Clouds (Alpha) / 11. White Street Lights / 16. Northern Lights in Blaine County )

    My In Game Graphic Settings
    Image Link :

    My In Game FPS
    Image Link :

    So basically before i install this resized mod my fps are at around 30++... now 50++ even if i set my in game weather to snow or blizzard i can easily maintain 50+ fps

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    Minggu, 11 Desember 2022
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    @Kaatun where the upload sir

    Jumat, 16 Juli 2021