La città di Roma
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    @chriszz24 It's just you. At least no one has ever complained before. Check your mods, it looks like one of them doesn't let to kill the engine. Or try to reset ENT settings, and enable the 'Fuel Consumption' option only, and then check if the problem still exists.

    1 hari yang lalu
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    @LexXi I didn't know someone has had such a problem for so long. :) We'll fix it.

    2 hari yang lalu
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    @TheosTheDestroy I don't have such a problem. We'll take a look, but check your mods installed, maybe it's one of them.

    @aMh3c9 I'm not sure it's possible to do at all. Anyway it's way beyond my programming skills. If only Zemanez knows how to make it simple and effective. We'll take a look, but do not expect much.

    @thehuntingwolf5 Why don't you restart your PC then? If it doesn't help check your administrative rights, or file system for errors.

    2 hari yang lalu
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    @minhduy123 This is something new. Slow motion mode when shooting without aiming? It never happened before. Try to reset ENT settings via main menu.

    5 hari yang lalu
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    @LexXi The 'Fugitive' feature is pretty simple. You get wanted stars when you commit a crime. Well after you lose at least one star you will become a fugitive. It means cops will try to arrest/kill you every time they see you. if you were in a vehicle when you commited a crime you must either change your car or leave it to get rid of the 'fugitive' status. If you were on foot cops remembered your clothes so you have to change it. The point of this feature is simple - do not commit a crime in front of the cops or you will have grave consequences as cops won't forget the way you look or how your vehicle looks that easy.

    7 hari yang lalu
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    @SY573MX It's strange 'cause we changed nothing in this feature. We'll take a look anyway.

    @Nilanjan We'll take a look, but i'm not sure it can be fixed as it could be a game's feature.

    @Quick_silvers We'll see what can be done.

    8 hari yang lalu
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    @Dimario It's under the 'Miscellaneous' tab. It's either 'Hide HUD', or 'Hide HUD If Menu Open', or 'Show HUD If Phone In Hand Only', or 'Show HUD In Vehicle Only'. See, there are many options. :)
    Btw, if smth goes wrong you can always reset trainer settings via ENT's main menu.

    9 hari yang lalu
  • 189c70 gta f

    @sparkycat Strange, cause i easily managed to switch to 2015. No bugs. Anyway even if this bug happens sometimes i don't think it's that important, and i don't think it has something to do with ENT.

    Senin, 15 April 2019
  • 189c70 gta f

    @Nilanjan We'll try to improve blips in the next update, so you won't probably have this issue in the future.

    Minggu, 14 April 2019
  • 189c70 gta f

    @Nilanjan Actually it's not our bug, it's a R*'s bug as the game's engine has a limit for the amount of blips on the map. So when you enable additional blips it will remove some of the game's blips like mission markers or some map locations. This is a known bug, as many of the 'Open All Interiors' mod users complaint about the same, and it could be fixed by disabling the mod blips.
    You can try to increase the limit by editing the 'gameconfig.xml' file. Extract it with OpenIV, open in Notepad(++), find 'RADAR_BLIP'. There will be a '1800' value (or smth similar). Try to change it to '18000'.
    Save the file and copy it back.

    Sabtu, 13 April 2019