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  • E3e124 jupiter

    @SylveticHearts I'm still too late, sorry for that. I'm modding another game now. But I can help you.
    I was doing some research while first making this empty map mod, but I could not find, where the exact pause menu map coordinate limits are defined. The menu system uses Scaleforrm movies, which is GFX flash ... well ... with a rather strange structure. The menu system also uses XML files, but they're mostly layouts' informations.

    The limit coordinates I've found are based on an unicolor map (eg. pink), plus using a ShowCoords script, then flying out and manually writing down the coordinates, while looking at the map.

    The first 'example' should show up ok. It is within the limits. The second example is totally outside the bounds.

    Do not forget about the 'minimap.rpf', it may interfere with your radar map, if not disabled.

    Sabtu, 02 Januari 2021
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @psychludawn Well, I know, that it has this kind of bug, if the game is not fullscreen. The calculated positions of the elements does not correspond to their graphical shape in that case!

    Selasa, 01 Desember 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @SylveticHearts Hello. I'm a bit late. Yes, it's possible to disable just parts of it. You need to edit the 'images.meta' file. In is an XML. Just copy it from vanilla, and remove the entries you don't need.
    What do you mean 'Also how do you expand how far the pause map can go?'?

    Selasa, 01 Desember 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @HahahabenisXD You need to edit the INI file. In order to avoid the need of recompiling/uploading this plugin with each GTA release/patch/DLC, I made it to read the list from INI. Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not provide any natives to query list of available ped, weapon, weapon component, and car models!
    In the INI file, there's a section 'InGameDataLists'. It has a key named 'IgPeds'. Its value is the full list of available ped model names. The list is ONE line, and its values separated with comma. Model names, not hashes or friendly names!
    The same format applies to Weapons and Weapon components. Just look at the INI file. If you've accidentally trashed your INI, then unpack it from he downloaded ZIP, or download this mod again.

    Kamis, 24 September 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @HahahabenisXD Alternatively, you can set a custom key, to be used instead of typing the cheat. But yes, the numpad numbers are used to control. Umm.... yes. Only the numpad numbers are used, simple numbers are not.
    I plan to fix it by adding the possibility to switch between Arrows, WASD, and numpad in the INI file. But not all of these in the same time (some mods use them the same time), it's just disgusting to see your character walkin'round, while you're just controlling a menu!

    Kamis, 10 September 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @trevorisdead Hi. That story is entirely possible. As I wrote, this plugin can execute any properly written YOS script, so your mafia story is entirely possible. It's all about the scripting - it depends on you, how you write your script, it works that way you wrote it! A "possibility" is just an execution path - your script just jumps to the 'MafiaNotKilled' label instead of the 'MafiaKilled' in this case, after a conditional check.

    And yes, it works on its own. Like, it automatically runs your script, no need to manually "load" anything, because it is literally a scripting engine. It only requires ScriptHookV to be installed.

    If you know the story, you only need to script it. Carefully read the help files! I wish very much luck for scripting, you'll need it ;)

    Sabtu, 05 September 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @trevorisdead What's gonna happen in the future?
    If you plan on writing a new story in GTA5, your only efficient choice is, to use this mod (YOS). But, this requires you to rewrite every aspect of scripted gameplay, like phone, garages, vehicle customs, etc. The most significant breakthrough with this mod is the ability to save your gameplay status, like global/local variables, script states, player persistence, etc., using only a single opcode. But this mod also cancels the original storyline, so you do not have to manually delete all dynamic objects, and hide North Yankton. Read the help files for more details.

    The other choice to have total control over game is, to modify the YSC files. I've read, that the author of that compiler will not release a working YSC compiler until GTA 5/Online is maintained, so until GTA 6 is released!!!!!!!!

    The last choice is, to directly use SHV (ScriptHookV), SHVDN, GTALUA. These cannot save like my mod, but can be used instead, to write small plugins in them. Larger plugins are very hard to create. Note, that my mod is directly based on SHV, and is a very complex mod.

    So, as the last sentence, I advise you to start YOS scripting. Use the compilers from the package to compile yourself a binary file. Write your own story script. This is the easiest way to do it right now.

    Best wishes.

    Jumat, 04 September 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @trevorisdead You have to write your own mission script, then compile it. The compilers are included in the package. These compilers produce you the binary file.
    About the scripting: look at the code snippets about how to write a YOS script. If you're a beginner scripter, you should look at other GTA 5 scripts too, about how to load models, etc.

    Senin, 31 Agustus 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @Endzsi Hello. There's a high-level and low-level compiler included. If you can program, you will know how to use them, following the instructions, and script code snippets. The compilers will produce the 'yos' file for you.
    If you are not the scripter, just a plain user, then you need to get that binary file from someone, who wrote their own script, and compiled it to binary.

    Rabu, 26 Agustus 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @iuricoelh Hi. I write a bit late.

    MapEditor is not a serious map creation tool, it is just a props tool for small-scale scenes, just like Menyoo.
    If you want a real new map, use CodeWalker, and OpenIV. You'll need to make a DLC map. There are tutorials about setting up a DLC pack and DLC map.
    Do not forget to use a mission script override mod to kill the scripts (you can use either 'Your Own Storyline' or 'GTAV Override').
    You will need specific 3DS max plugins to convert your 3D models to GTA V models. There's a tutorial about this too.

    On the other hand, if you plan to keep some parts of the original map, edit the "update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/images.meta" form the original game.

    If you want to convert GTA SA maps to GTA V, ask @MrVicho13 for help.

    Rabu, 26 Agustus 2020