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Your Own Storyline

This ASI plugin allows you to fully override the non-moddable YSC mission scripts, thus allowing Mission or Map Total Conversion mods to be made.

- Quasi-standardized, custom scripting interface
- Ability to save and reload game sessions
- Automatic gameworld cleanup and script activation: no need to complete the Prologue prior to mod activation, and no user intervention needed

- ASI Loader
- ScriptHookV
- Any RPF editor (optional, only for the Menu Disabler)

Content available at this mod page
- The YOS plugin itself + optional Menu Disabler
- Advanced (v2) mission script compiler
- Sample mission scripts (for the v2 compiler)

Please note, that due to VirusTotal falsely flagging the basic (v1) mission script compiler as a trojan, it's no longer possible to upload it here. You can download it directly from my website:

This mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with mission packs, that stick to the vanilla storyline, or other script mods, that have the same functionality, as YOS does.

Hint for n00bs
This mod is not an actual mission script, but a scripting engine. If you only see this mod because of it being a requirement for someone else's mod, you just need to install it as an ordinary ASI plugin, and you're OK.
Otherwise, if you're a modder, and plan to create a TC script mod, you should get acquainted with GTA V Natives, GTA 3D-universe game scripting methodologies, and read the Scripting Summary, before trying to write a script, as this mod is NOT n00b-friendly.

Open Source
This mod is open source, the source can be found at:

Change log
- 2.0 Update 1: Improved car saving accuracy. Now, practically all queryable properties of saved vehicles are stored in savegame. Not savegame.compatible with earlier versions!
- 2.0 Update 2: Fixed critical bug! Automatic wasted-busted gosub return service now works as it should!
- 2.0 Update 2b: Fixed timers not increasing, if thread wait time is routinely zero.
- 2.0 Update 3: Fixed critical bug in GTA5-compatible array length setter routine. Removed redundancy from savegame structure. Not savegame.compatible with earlier versions!
- 2.0 Update 4: Fixed active state of parked car generators in savegame; they're now saved with their actual active/inactive state, instead of always getting saved as active. There was a typo!
- 2.0 Update 5: Fixed developer oversight; mod will not reset upon each loading screen (eg. during loading online maps in trainer)
- 2.0 Update 6: Fixed potential critical bug: player sometimes would get uncontrollably stuck upon starting 'New Game' from mod UI (bug probably introduced with Update 5)
- 2.0 Update 7: Fixed major bug: custom YOS restarts (hospital, police, override) now work. World cleanup also improved.

For now, only bugifxes may be done, no major updates are planned. Bugs should be reported either in comments, or as an issue on the mod's GitHub page!
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