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    Great job on this one. FYI, it's spawning without desks, and either fence or lightpoles to hold some exterior lights up. It's also missing the interior leading up to helipad. (Spawns the door by itself with stairs). So I spooned in a few desks but thought you might want to know. Great work otherwise. creative!

    Kamis, 08 April 2021
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    Thanks for sharing your work. Question... do you create a folder called "Custom Maps" in DLCPACKS? I don't have a folder with this name to drag the Ymaps into? Am I missing something? thx

    Sabtu, 03 April 2021
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    @bobo boss I just installed and first just a thanks for your creative share. I love the expansion with cells and other rooms with characters. I'm having a similar problem as Darkblue above it sounds. Desks in sheriff's office don't spawn and there is some texture clash when entering that room. Few other minor ones but phones/computers in office appear to float without desk. I don't have many mods, but I do have open all interiors for what it's worth. Happy to get you screenshots if it helps.

    Finally, I'm quite new to all the mod adding, so I'm not sure if it matters... but the directions say to update openiv with dlcpacks:\sandypd\ The backslashes should be forward slashes I believe based upon the convention standards of the rest of the file. i.e. dlcpacks:/sandypd/ <- It may not matter but I thought I'd flag for you in case that caused undo issues for anyone. Thanks again!

    Sabtu, 20 Maret 2021