[MLO] Extended Sandy PD [Add-On SP / FiveM] 2.0

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It's finally time to present my new Sandy Shores PD 2.0! This is a huge update with lots of new features. The PD now contains:

- A new office for the captain
- Two cells
- An armory
- An office with much space for the crew
- An overall cleanup!

The PD is fitable with my Sandy Shores Hospital, which is available here!
You should deffently check out my patroen where all my new exclusive mods will be shared with my patrons!
I can't promise that this PD wont cause any issues if you are using another hospital for Sandy. I can only promise that my hospital works perfectly with this PD.

For FiveM simply just drag & drop the mod into your server, and start the mod in your server.cfg. For singe player open OpenIV. Go to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks, and make a new folder called "sandypd". Drag the dlc.rpf from the singe player folder, and go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data. Edit your dlclist to dlcpacks:\sandypd\, and start the game!

I highly recommend you to not have any graphic mods on that would change the brightness at nights. It messes up my custom lightning inside the interior, and the lightning becomes very sharp and anoying.

I am available on discord if you should have any questions that cannot be answered in the comment section: @Boa#3290. Also, join my discord for more exclusive mods!
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