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Interested in having a nice, fast, easy way to write/add and/or test your own Lua scripts or use existing Lua scripts for Grand Theft Auto V with ease and virtually zero/no performance loss/impact (especially when compared to the older/traditional Lua Plugin)?

Have FiveM Lua experience/knowledge that you would like to take/bring into normal GTA?

Interested in having the ability to interface various in-game things to various external/out of game things (say trigger an action on/in an external unrelated program or create your own Discord rich presence with an external utility for example, maybe even create yourself a remote game interaction api) with ease?

Well, recently I've somewhat departed from FiveM (with 3+ years of experience) and thought it would be cool to port over some of my scripts to singleplayer, finding headscript's/gallexme's Lua Plugin for Script Hook V in the process, which just simply didn't suit my needs nor meet my expectations (especially in regards to performance), and it has pretty much been abandoned for years now, so I've decided to adopt it as my own and dramatically/drastically improve my fork of it far beyond what anyone could've ever imagined being possible with this, and I plan on introducing new performance/optimization features/techniques over time and releasing updates somewhat frequently.

Mod description: Write/Use custom Lua scripts for GTA V

Why Lua?
- Lua is a lightweight scripting language that tends to be beginner-friendly, but powerful in the hands of an advanced user at the same time. Although Lua might not have the same popularity as that of other scripting languages such as C# or C++ (.NET), Lua's expandability makes it equally as capable as the others, while remaining easy-to-use and often more resource efficient.

Summary of installation instructions:

Bugs and features:
1: Bug - Lua Plugin itself **cannot** be reloaded, but Lua scripts *can* be reloaded.
2: Feature - Introduced FiveM style Lua game native function calls (alongside the older/legacy game native function calls for compatibility with older/existing Lua Plugin scripts)
3: Feature - An external Lua script(s) directory which is reminiscent of a typical Lua working directory that you can place anywhere.
4: Feature - Lua script reloading script for developers with DebugMode variable set true.
5: Feature - Maintain compatibility with older/existing Lua Plugin scripts.
6: Feature - Universal timer and variables containing relevant player information to avoid having to (excessively) use certain/common game native calls across numerous scripts (and avoid wasting resources by doing so).
7: Feature - Universal built in native config file reader/writer functions for data storage/retention/persistence
8: Feature - Included examples and documentation via GitHub wiki

Credits and, if applicable, notices of permission for content re-use:
1: Credits | JayMontana36 - This version/fork of Lua Plugin with completely homemade/rewritten externals (currently ALL of the included Lua scripts with the exception of "GUI.lua" were all written/original content by me)
2: Credits | headscript/gallexme - The original author of Lua Plugin who's ASI files are currently still used in this project/fork due to my lack of knowledge to create my own.
3: Notice of permission for content re-use - - Applies to the ASI files and the "GUI.lua" file used in this project/fork; for everything else,

- ** JM36-v5.3-Stable ** -
1: Fix issues with some scripts which fail to function correctly or at all prior to a (forced) script reload (or in the case of non-technical users or non-developers, did not work at all).
2: Add a built in automatic migrator from/for old/legacy LuaPlugin to JM36 LuaPlugin.
- ** JM36-v5.2-Stable ** -
1: Compatibility fixes for supporting more legacy `Lua Plugin` scripts.
- ** JM36-v5.1-Stable ** -
1: Fixed inconsistencies with the "_0x" game native function calls to make it even easier to work with them in a more consistent manner.
- ** JM36-v5.0-Stable ** -
1: Skipped a version (v4.0); v4.0 was unofficially released as a private "beta".
2: Fixed typo in "Info.Player.Vehicle.Name" that prevented the vehicle's name from coming back correctly as anything.
3: Add new "Handle" variable to "Info.Player" and "Info.Player.Vehicle".
4: Make it easier to call "0x" hexadecimal game native functions by prefixing them with an underscore ("_") like FiveM does.
5: Several optimizations to the internal "_init" function and the FiveM style game native function call function generator.
6: Remove/Replace an unnecessary internal function for accessing "secondary" globals, making it a more direct access while keeping transparency.
7: Renamed a few included scripts primarily for better/optimal DebugMode operation.
8: Optimized DebugMode tick/loop further.
9: Attempt to simplify installation for new and/or basic users by defaulting ScriptsDir-Lua into GameDir-GTAV scripts dir.
10: Removed "All Lua Scripts Loaded Without Error" message; you will now only ever see errors (and script prints) printed in console (with developer asi).
11: Overall code cleanup and optimization.
12: Add/Include version information within secondary global which can be used by scripts to require a certain minimum version of this plugin and/or change behaviors depending upon the version (such as error for incorrect version or so).
- ** JM36-v3.0-Stable ** -
1: Fixed FiveM style game native function calls randomly (not) working (hopefully) once and for all and removed the excess code/checks related to this issue/bug
2: Fixed "Info.Player.Vehicle.IsOp" variable not updating whenever the player becomes the vehicle operator or a vehicle passenger
3: Implemented feature number 7 from above (config file read/write)
4: Updated the included example scripts
- ** JM36-v2.0-Stable ** -
1: Implemented feature number 6 from above
2: Implemented a check and a fix for the commonly left out "\\" ending in the "Scripts_Path" string variable (which whenever absent in the previous release/version would have caused things to completely break and fail to function).
3: Implemented a new "Info" variable which is exposed directly to your loop functions, containing plenty of useful player (and vehicle) information as well as the time which is mostly useful for wait(ing) or for delayed execution or for special script loop run timings; more Information and usage examples regarding the new "Info" variable can be found on the wiki -
4: gta5-mods specific release version - include the above wiki page (The Basics - Getting Started - Scripting Examples) as well as the "Overview" wiki page as htm/html files as a simple and effective way to "include documentation" just in case developers don't go to the GitHub for the documentation or don't know that the GitHub with the documentation exists (being that the other Lua Plugin completely lacks any documentation whatsoever in general, which is not the case here with my version).
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