Vehicle Theft Wanted Levels (2-5) [.Lua] 0.2


Ever wanted cops to be more aggressive regarding your grand theft auto (vehicle thefts), no matter what? Well, this script makes it so that you'll receive a 2 star wanted level almost immediately after stealing a vehicle (if you didn't already have a wanted level), and if you already did have a wanted level then your wanted level will increase by 1 for every vehicle that you steal while wanted. You will also receive a wanted level if you drive by a cop (or a cop goes by you) while you're in a stolen vehicle.

This script requires ScriptHookV and JM36 Lua Plugin.
Put "VehicleTheftWantedLevels.lua" into your JM36 Lua Plugin "ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules" directory.

This script was created as a more modern example script for JM36 Lua Plugin.

0.2 - Removed excess/unused code and patched/fixed a potential bug of being able to repeatedly give yourself wanted levels by getting into and out of the same stolen vehicle multiple times (though switching vehicles resets this).
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