UPDATED Wildlife Photography Challenge 1.1


This mod adds a daily competition for players to take the best wildlife photos. Near the entrance to the Raton Canyon, you will find a poster that tells you which animals to photograph and lists the names of top photographers from the previous day.

Unlike similar challenges in GTA Online, this challenge requires you to showcase your skills with the game's camera. Points are awarded based on the quality of each photo, such as factors like time of day, weather conditions, distance from the animal, and shooting angle. For more information, please see the link below:

How to Get the Most Points in the UPDATED Wildlife Photography Challenge

The poster with the best photographers is updated in real time once a day. To get on the leaderboard, please submit your screenshot with the points you earned to the r/TouristBoard community. Be sure to thoroughly read the competition guidelines and seek out tips on where to find animals in Los Santos and Blaine County for your photos.


1.1 - Fixed a bug where menus could be opened anywhere


Move all the files in the folder to the Scripts folder. If the folder doesn't exist, create it.

You must also have ScriptHookV, Scripthookdotnet and Lemon UI installed.
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