Ultimate Chaos 1.4



Mod Installation Instructions:


GTA 5 installed on your PC.
Script Hook V: Download Here:
Script Hook V .NET: Download Here:
NativeUI: Download Here:

Installation Steps:

Download Required Files:

Download Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET, and NativeUI from the provided links.

Install Script Hook V:

Copy all files from the Script Hook V ZIP into your GTA 5 game directory (where GTA5.exe is located).

Install Script Hook V .NET:

Copy all files from the Script Hook V .NET ZIP into your GTA 5 game directory.

Install NativeUI:

Copy NativeUI.dll from the NativeUI ZIP into the "scripts" folder within your GTA 5 game directory.

Install The Mod:

Download the mod files.

Extract or copy the mod files into your GTA 5 "scripts" folder, create one if not done already.

Verify Installation:

Ensure that the following files are present in your GTA 5 game directory:

(scripts folder) NativeUI.dll
(scripts folder) Ultimate Chaos Mod.dll
(scripts folder) UltimateChaos.ini

Launch the Game:

Start GTA 5 as you normally would.
Your mod should be active if installed correctly.

Changelog 1.4: Added a feature that spawn 3 police riot to protect you. Added a clear all button to clear all police officers and riots in proximity. Added 3 peds from the altruist camp that will spawn to attack everyone else including the police.

Changelog 1.3: You can now assign any key to the menu in the UltimateChaos ini file

Changelog 1.2: Added a feature to remove destroyed cars around the player

Changelog 1.1: Removed the feature that were changing the time to 6:00 in the game


Ensure you have the latest versions of Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET, and NativeUI.
Check for any error messages in the game or in the script logs for troubleshooting.

Enjoy your modded GTA 5 experience!
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