The Vangelico Heist 1.5



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-Legit copy of GTAV

Put Vangelico.dll, Vangelico.ini and Vangelico.pdb into your scripts folder.
If you do not have a scripts folder, read the requirements.

This mod allows you to rob the Vangelico Fine Jewellers in freeroam singleplayer. Go to the purple jewel on the map and press "E" or "F" to begin the heist. by default you have 1minute 45 seconds before the police "arrive". Once they "arrived" you will recieve a wanted level. If you leave the area while you still have time you will not gain a wanted level.

CopTimerSeconds - The time in seconds you have before your fake wanted level turns into a real wanted level.
JewelryValuePerCabinet - value of each jewelry cabinet. NOTE this is not the final take, only value of each cabinet. There are 20 cabinets in the store.
WantedLevel - self explanatory.
CustomCameraEnabled - determines whether the cinematic camera is enabled when the animation plays
AnimationRifle - change the rifle in the animation(AssaultRifle, CarbineRifle, AdvancedRifle, BullpupRifle, SpecialCarbine)
ShowCabinetMarkers - show the markers above the cabinets

Credit goes to Slick for some features in this mod including the take bar.


0.2: - Added Alarm (will sound after the first cabinet is smashed.)
- Added a Heist Failed screen.
- Hostages now react instantly after guard is taken out
- Hostages will cower if you aim at them before killing the guard.
- changed some things with the cabinet loading (let me know if you have any problems)
- Changed "Cops Arrive in:" to "Police Arrival:"
- Other minor changes.

0.3 - Hopefully fixed some loading errors with the glass breaking and hostages(not able to test because i haven't had this problem)
- Added an option to disable the animated camera in the .ini file.
- Other minor changes.

0.4 - Guard now has a vision cone and will get alerted when you enter the vision cone.
- Moved guard position.
- Added option to change the rifle in the animation(AssaultRifle, CarbineRifle, AdvancedRifle, BullpupRifle, SpecialCarbine)

0.5 - Added new smashing animation to the front of the cabinets (random chance of happening)
- Added blips to the cabinets.
- Lowered the payout to be more realistic

1.0: (Now requires the casino heist update)
- Added a jewel buyer mechanic with cutscene.
- Added new particle effect when smashing the cabinets.
- cabinet blips are now green like the sp mission.

1.1 Patch
- fixed crashing when arriving at the buyer.

- Added new markers above unsmashed cabinets (configurable in .ini file).
- The store is now only open between 5am-10pm.
- Upgraded the guards detection and moved him back to the old position.

- Added heist step of shooting the cameras before looting the cabinets(configurable in .ini file)
- fixed issues of wanted level message from 1.2

- Added a display piece at the back of the store with a 25% chance of spawning
- Fixed an issue with cameras not being required to be shot if enabled in the .ini file.
- Fixed cutscene issues related to MP characters.

- Managers room now has extra jewelry that can be looted. (payout can be changed in .ini file)
- Added new security verification minigame to loot manager room.
- Changed weapon animation system. The rifle that you hold before the smash a case will be in the animation.
- Heist now requires you to own a rifle rather than giving you one.
- Shop interior now loads on game startup.

Feel free to make videos on this mod! The upload status is open so anyone can add their video to this mod page!

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