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This script hides/displays the special ability bar depending on wheter the current character or vehicle has a special ability or not.

How it works:
- Playing as a character without a special ability will make it so that the bar will be hidden.
- Entering a vehicle with a special ability (while the bar is hidden) will make it display again (and exiting the vehicle will make it hide again).

- If the bar is hidden and the screen gets refreshed (by alt tabbing to the dekstop or changing a graphic setting) will result in the bar to display again. To fix this, change the character to Michael, Franklin or Trevor and then back to the desired one.
- If you use the Character Swap script, set "Bar Always Hidden" to true in "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini".
- If you use the Simple Native Trainer and enable the vehicle's nitro option, then there might be conflict for the ability bar between the two mods.

Script Hook V .NET.

Move "HideSpecialAbilityBar.cs" and "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini" in the "scripts" folder. In order to hide the bar regardless of the character model, set "Bar Always Hidden" to true in "HideSpecialAbilityBar.ini".

Special Thanks:
alloc8or for the Native DB.

Small changes to the code (no changes to the functionality of the script).
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