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Annoyed by your player automatically running even though you aren't holding the run button?
Hate how you can walk in third person, but are forced into no less than a brisk jog while in first person?
Irritated by your player taking turns on his own, as if you were too dumb to take them yourself?

So was I...

This little script disables assisted movement as well as automatic movement style changes,
enables walking in First Person View, and brings back the old tap-to-sprint feature.
Now you can move the way you want to, not the way the computer thinks you should.

If you want to keep "Action mode" available for use, set "Keep Action Mode" to 1 in the settings file. The Stealth Mode button will then be changed into
a Normal/Stealth/Action Mode toggle, so you can still use it

In Normal Mode: Holding Run/Sprint will now only make you jog. Tap to run faster. Tap even faster to SuperSprint! How fast you can SuperSprint depends on how fast you can press the sprint key.
In Toggle Mode: Tap Run to start running. Tap again or release all movement keys to stop. Hold run to sprint.


-Original Release

-Added Ability to Walk in FPV
-Added Tap-to-Sprint Feature

-Fixed Tap-to-Sprint being intermittent
-Fixed Sprint disabling turning/backpedaling
-Added Ability to SuperSprint
-Added Settings File

-Fixed Disabling of Assisted Movement
-Added Toggle Mode option
-Added Speed options for each Walk Style/Mode
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