Random Start [Asi] ++V1.31



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Random Start++ V1.31

Start your game as a random character in a random scenario, or as a saved character in no scenario you decide, thousands of random locations, some now trigger new street phone missions.



    -- Random location Ped on start.
    -- Saving of custom peds including face blend data and Overlays for Freemode peds.
    -- Generate Random freemode peds.
    -- Settings done through a menu system. (Default bind is 'L' key)
    -- Permanent death..with a funeral(Optional).
    -- Improved Prison sentences (Optional).
    -- Assimilate Ped. (become any nearby ped).
    -- Reincarnation.
    -- Start directly into a new street phone mission(Has Issues).
    -- Key-biindings Pick keys or use controller (controler requires two keys).

Place the content of the zip file into 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.
The Translate folder contains a variety of languages, translated using google translate. Your language will be automatically set via the game language. You can change your languages in the settings menu.
-1) = Auto-select
0) = English
1) = French
2) = German
3) = Italian
4) = Spanish
5) = Portuguese
6) = Polish
7) = Russian
8) = Korean
9) = Chinese
10) = Japanese
11) = Mexican
12) = Chinese-Simplifyed

How to make menyoo compatible with the random re-gen system
1)Open Menyoo menu.
2)Navigate to settings.
3)Navigate to Reset Player Model Upon Death (SP).
4)Toggle to off (red).

Required Files

All the free DLC's installed...
Script Hook V

This mod uses all the vehicles available, these require an up-to-date trainer so they don't de-spawn.
Any of these will work.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- Police react to saved peds for the 'Services' scenario.
- Fix to NSPM start coming soon.
You can use 'Snow_V.asi' in your own mods without asking permission but please do put a link to your mod in the comments,
to activate snow create a blank file named 'Root Dir + Grand Theft Auto V/AddSnow.snow'.
to deactivate snow create a blank file named 'Root Dir + Grand Theft Auto V/RemoveSnow.snow'.
Change Log
Version 1.31
  • Added the external snow program to activate snow.
  • Added compatability with new streetphone missions.

Version 1.3
  • Fixed launching in a vehicle but unable to exit the vehicle.
  • Added Walk stye options.
  • Added face expression options.
  • fixed weapon saver not saving weapons as intended.
  • fixed mk2 weapons not loading in ammo.
  • fixed save/edit ped menu too recognize if you are using a saved ped or not.
  • removed auto saving of peds too file. All changes to saved peds are only made when you select save.
  • lots of other changes check github for other the changes.

Version 1.21
  • Added top badges to freemode outfits.
  • Added snow to the weather options and custom winter settings.

Version 1.2
  • Fixed crash on load when using random ped and fill vehicle scenario.
  • Added a randomize option to the scenario selection menu.
  • Added beach party back into cayo perico.
  • Menu now closes when game is paused.
  • Made the resurrection script run a bit faster.

Version 1.11
  • Fixed menu text in wrong area.
  • Fixed the default ped being selected as a saved ped.
  • Fixed saved animal peds being used in scenarios.

Version 1.1
  • Fixed issue with saving outfits.
  • Added reincarnation spawn point to keep the player in the same area when they die.
  • Added reincarnation spawn points to Cayo Perico and Yankton.

Version 1.0
  • Rewriten in C++ for improved stability and optimization.

all the help on finding functions from here
MAFINS -- great tool for finding animations, vehicles, props, peds etc
rootcause -- The Cayo Perico functions

--Rockstar Games
--Alexander Blade
--Everyone else

GitHub C++ Version

GitHub C# Version
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